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Buck ‘N Dave’s Eggs

Buck and Dave
David Whitmoyer (left) and Buck Lunak (right), owners of Buck ‘N Dave’s Eggs
Picture provided by Ravalli Republic

Howdy – we are Buck and Dave of Buck ‘N Daves’ Eggs.

We raise brown-shell, free range natural eggs with no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals. Our hens have 2 acres to roam and take in the beautiful scenery of the Bitterroot Valley. It is our true goal to provide the best quality farm-to-table eggs for our customers and our community. 

We love agriculture and consider ourselves stewards of the land that is why we created Buck ‘N Dave’s Eggs. We are proud to be made in Montana. Farm fresh eggs. Local tastes better.

Buck 'N Dave's Eggs Logo
Buck ‘N Dave’s Eggs

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